Civil Litigation

The attorneys at Daley ♦ Orton are litigators.  They represent plaintiffs and defendants in all forms of civil litigation. They are licensed to practice in all state and federal trial courts in the Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  The civil litigation practice includes:

  • Commercial and business related litigation such as shareholder disputes, business dissolutions, fraud claims and breach of contract actions.
  • Insurance related litigation, including insurance defense and coverage disputes.
  • Professional liability litigation including claims against corporate officers, real estate agents and public officials.
  • Municipal liability claims related to tort claims, civil rights violations, constitutional claims, and administrative actions.
  • Defense of attorneys relative to legal malpractice claims.
  • Employment litigation including sexual harassment claims, discrimination claims, and wrongful termination.
  • All aspects of discovery and disclosure.
  • Trial services and alternate dispute resolution services, such as arbitration and mediation.
  • Appellate services.