Corporate & Business Law

Owning and operating a business often gives rise to complex legal issues.  The attorneys at DALEY ♦ ORTON have the skill and experience required to provide their clients with the legal counsel they need to proactively tackle those issues, minimize liability, and allow their clients to focus on the business at hand.  We advise our business clients, which include family owned businesses, small and medium sized businesses, partnerships and large corporations, on such things as:

  • The selection of the appropriate business entity, such as LLC’s, stock corporations, partnerships, professional corporations and non-profit corporations.
  • The formation of the business entity.
  • The negotiation & drafting of business related agreements including Share Holder Agreements, Stock Redemption Agreements, Asset-Purchase Agreements and Employment Contracts.
  • Business Succession Planning.
  • Business Sales, Mergers and Acquisitions.