Your Team Persuasive and Tenacious

Daley Orton Partners Kevin Daley and Christopher Orton

Kevin Daley and Christopher Orton have over thirty-eight years of combined experience and a demonstrated track record of providing optimal results for their clients.

After building solid practices with their previous firms, they joined forces and combined their collective experience and success to provide creative and aggressive legal solutions.  Kevin’s love of advocacy, debate and competition complements Christopher’s thorough preparation and methodical and detailed investigative discipline.  Together they create a powerful partnership that can provide the representation you deserve.  

Your team at Daley ♦ Orton is committed to resolving your legal matter with professionalism and respect.  We safeguard all of your information and take whatever steps necessary to assist you through the process.  No case is too large or too small…what matters is that an injustice has occurred and they are the team to correct it.